Carbonized Fiber Packing

Carbonized fiber packing braided from shrink-proof synthetic fiber impregnated with PTFE, Silicone-oil-free. Oxidized fiber has high strength and good thermal conductivity, PTFE makes the packing have excellent self-lubrication.

Carbonized Fiber Packing Description

Carbonized Fiber Packing

Carbonized Fiber Packing

Item No. : KAXITE-P501

* Without cooling it can be used with hot water up to 160 deg.C, with cooling up to 207 deg.C.
* Does not damage shafts and has long life
* Excellent self-lubrication

Carbonized Fiber Packing Typical Application

* Be used in weak acids and alkalis or media containing few grains of solid particles
* Mainly used for centrifugal pumps, plunger pumps, mixers and valves.

Carbonized Fiber Packing Technical Data

Material 100% carbon fiber yarns and PTFE and graphite
Temperature Range -50 up to +280 oC atmosphere;
Process Rotating 20 bar
Reciprocating 100 bar
Static 200 bar
Shaft Speed 25 m/s in fans
PH 2~12
Density 1.1~1.3 g/cm3